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Guo Pei

An homage to Haute Couture is the theme of this season. “For long, I have been using my designs and my work to express my feelings, my dreams, and speak from my heart. This season, I decided to just focus on the clothing itself,” says Guo Pei The grand era of Haute Couture is not that far away from us yet it is getting increasingly strange to us day after day. Guo Pei created 43 looks in the most sincere reverence to the remaining innocence of that age. Industrialization and fast fashion drifted...

Georges Hobeika

COUTURE AUTUMN-WINTER 2017/2018 Flamboyant and sophisticated, Georges Hobeika’s Fall-Winter 2017/18 Couture collection draws its vibrant energy from Andalusia’s ornamental traditions and its inspiration from the great architectural styles that have developed throughout the ages on the Iberian peninsula. It is an ode to the palaces designed by artistic genius, forever filled with gold and harmonies. In sparkling reminiscence of Hispano-Moorish’s arts, this collection’s myriad of embroideries evokes the polychrome mosaics and geometric tesserae which embellished the majestic castles and fortified enclosures of Granada, Cordoba, or Seville. Gleaming pendants, generous pleats, sumptuous fabrics and bold superimpositions are...