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Ashi Studio Fall Winter 2018

The Girl on the Moon
-“And then what happened?” he said.
-“His poison filled my veins, numbing every muscle but one. The one he hoped for. I struggled, restless, fighting for survival amidst a war of chemicals. My lust for him crippled my senses. I knew I had to escape.
A beam of the northern lights flared through my window as my frail body quivered in agony. That little opening was my beacon of hope, a hope of one day reaching the moon.
So, I floated. I floated in an unknown darkness, in a sickening void, until the crescent became my shelter.
The moon, this orbiting celestial body is now my home. A place where I thrive in the emptiness, where my soul wanders between constellations looking for lost travelers.
I gaze at him and all the other lovers from a distance. I watch the fire eat away my cigarette just as his body ate mine.
Exhale. I have nothing left to exhale.”
Ashi’s new collection embraces the tormenting battle of longing to break free. Lunar shaped floor-length sleeves, embroidered to resemble the moon’s craters. A sensual touch of lace and a rugged taffeta especially crafted for the wanderlust souls who crave a cosmic affair.
Rays of ethereal lights emitted by the collection’s pearly tones and a feast of intricate embroidery techniques leave her lovers in awe.