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Couture Spring 2024 This collection is a first for the Maison – inspired by and paying homage to the Arab world. It references the glamour and beauty of Middle Eastern women, the joyful and creative aspects of the region’s culture, and the sense of compassion and care displayed throughout the Orient. Elements of childhood nostalgia meld with the spirit of the 50s, 60s and 70s to echo the joie de vivre of the eras’ parties, while a sense of streamlined modernism brings a contemporary edge to the designs. Colourful...


Tony Ward SS 24

Couture Spring-Summer 2024 GOLDEN RATIO A natural force stronger than us, An equation with no answer, No matter where you come from, No matter where you stand, You & I are the same. As we Celebrate 10 years of fashion shows in Paris, this collection is an ode to a force that brings us all together: The Golden Ratio; We are made from the same proportions based on a timeless equation. With each curve and line, we pay homage to this ratio that shapes the chaotic beauty we witness around us. Geometrical patterns translated through intricate embroideries, nature’s divine allure, dancing...



Summer 2024, Haute Couture Stéphane ROLLAND Fullness Infinite depth and sensuality: the dunes of the desert. Stéphane Rolland evokes a serene atmosphere: each woman protects herself and curls up in a cocoon, hidden and revealed. Dawn, ochre and pink tones: the rock is browning. A terracotta cashmere burnous, an oversized hooded tunic in powdered rosewood gazar, East and West meet and mingle to converge in a precious balance. Oud Bark: A long brown silhouette in veiled satin and brushed steel, another in an asymmetrical scarf draped in sunburnt gazar, the seams braided in leather and embroidered with crystal. Gold bursts...


Rami Al Ali SS24

22nd January 2024, Paris: Rami Al Ali unveils his Spring/Summer 2024 Couture collection, a mesmerizing ode to the enchanting world of Bedouin heritage. A symphony of elegance and artistry, this unique 30- piece collection transcends the boundaries of traditional couture. Each piece resonates with the soulful nostalgia of Al Ali's cherished childhood memories, weaving a narrative that unfolds as a celebration of the demure elegance, mystique, and allure intrinsic to the Bedouin lifestyle. Carefully curated, the collection is revealing all Al Ali's mastery, effortlessly moving between elegant full- length dresses, refined midi-length designs, captivating...