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My daily dose of wedding & fashion inspiration


With Mariage Fall/Winter 2020 fashion artists Viktor&Rolf present a surreal winter garden by introducing intricate frost interpretations of classic bridal elements and seasonal flower embellishments. Classic tweed and traditional lace are unexpectedly re-interpreted and uplifted as they become frosted embroideries and crystal patterns. The precious treatment is re-imagined as fresh and crisp snowflakes. Elegant, fitted and voluminous silhouettes are enhanced by delicate frosted tweed and frosted fur embroideries. In typical Viktor&Rolf fashion, otherwise masculine elements are infused with feminine ideals to give way to the spectacular. The Viktor&Rolf winter garden...


Iris Noble

Inspired by vintage poetry, the Iris Noble Fall 2020 collection, like the lyrical, long ago verses, is romantic, graceful and timeless. Rendered with layers of ethereal princess tulle or decadent silk draping with a voluminous swirl of sleeves, each gown unveils exquisite detail and artisanal craftsmanship. Lace corsets and satin bustiers voluptuously hug the body while shoulder-baring, wrapped necklines suggest a more restrained sensuality. Whether traditional ivory or more fashion forward sky-blue or blush, each Fall 2020 gown is as beautiful and unforgettable as the poetry that inspired it. ...