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Novelty Luxe Magazine > Haute Couture (Page 3)

Georges Chakra Fall Winter 2020

  Beirut, July 2020 - For the Couture Fall Winter 2020-2021 collection, Georges Chakra is inspired by matriarchal heritage and ancestors, a legacy of pride, of courage and strength transmitted and perpetuated by contemporary women. Exceptionally launched from the Maison's headquarters in Beirut, the collection has developed on the sidelines of Parisian Couture Week, maturing gradually and at its own pace while savoring the creation process. The result is a clean collection, which represents chic and timeless elegance. A return to classic values ​​through modern silhouettes and colors primaries:...

Lydia Courteille Caravan Collection

The Caravan Collection was inspired by Lydia's journey to different destinations.  The Peacock is a symbol of Persian monarchy.  The common motif of two peacocks symmetrically disposed on either side of the Cosmic tree or hom a feature taken from Persia denotes the psychic duality of man (related to the myth of the Gemini) drawing its life force from the principle of unity. Artifacts-Priceless masterpieces such as this ring  are museums quality collection jewelry pieces contains a artifacts. Jemdet Nasr ( Mesopotamia) Cylinder seal , 3300 3000 BCE Banded onyx «Orants kneeling in front of idols...