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For dry weather facial cleanser, our beauty pick is Sanitas Moisturizing Cleanser

Beauty product of the day!  TOM FORD's honeymoon EYE QUAD $82
Ashley Smith Beauty  and her style team attended New York Fashion Week and they works their magic at the shows!  A talented up and coming artist we should all be on the lookout for.  Here are some behind the scenes looks at her beauty approach with sponsors L'Oréal Paris  and Makeup Forever
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by Melanie Mills Hollywood
Are you concerned that the summer is over, and as a result so is your summer glow? Brides have several choices to get the perfect bridal bronze, from tanning beds, spray tans and various lotions that add an array of tanning and bronzing options. With the safety of indoor tanning being constantly called into question, is there something that is actually good for your skin?A series of products that I absolutely adore are from Melanie Mills Hollywood. Melanie is an Emmy award winning makeup artist that has long been know in Hollywood for her makeup skills. When she was the Department Head for Dancing With The Stars she was presented with some unique challenges. How could she make the talent look amazing from head to toe for HD cameras under some strenuous conditions? For those of you that know the show, the contestants are of all age ranges, skin tones and shades, all fitness levels and in some itty bitty outfits. Did I mention they are dancing their tushes off under hot lights on television?
Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 10.40.50 PM
Under all of this need, Melanie developed Gleam Body Radiance. Let me tell you, it is magical. Packed with beneficial oils (olive, safflower and jojoba) and aloe it is amazing for the skin, but what it does for the appearance of the skin is even more incredible. Imagine a single application adding 3x more color and fantastic radiance to any skin tone! It also receives bonus points points for it being seriously transfer resistant (remember when I said they were dancing under some hard conditions?).The real benefit of the GleamBody Radiance isn't necessarily the hydration and the bronzing alone. The radiant glow with the bronzer hides veins, uneven skin coloration and smooths texture. Brides can use this as a stand alone product or on top of any other tanning option they may have used to really take their bridal glow to the next level from head to toe (yes, you absolutely can use it on your face). It is also non staining and non streaking. It is a full makeup, lotion and highlighting radiance glow all in one that can take you from you wedding day through your honeymoon.Melanie Mills Hollywood is growing and has added some fantastic other products. I highly recommend you check them out!!Bonus-They have launched a Gleam on the Go Kit that features their 3 colors in 1 oz sizes to try!!
Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 10.41.36 PM Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 10.41.25 PM Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 10.41.11 PM

With the Spring/Summer 2017 shows coming to a close you can imagine that models' skin from all over is breathing a sigh of relief. Models rush from show to show, and event to event from NYC-LONDON-MILAN-PARIS. Makeup of all types of put on and taken off multiple times a day for weeks for some of these girls. Even the normal models career is incredibly stressful on the skin. As a makeup artist myself, it can be very hard to take sensitized skin and make it runway ready in what feels like an instant. Luckily, with a global beauty market, artists, models and everyone else can take advantage of some really amazing products that we might not have had access to before.

Brides are no exception to this. Think about the week before the wedding. The dinners, the drinks, the pictures, the stress and the last minute details all coming together. It takes a toll on the skin. One product that I kept seeing backstage at these fashion shows shows is something that models and brides alike can use, and should know about. It is one of those fantastic global items-the Mustaev Masks.

I love sheet masks and the ones from this Korean Beauty Brand are some of the best. The masks are individually packaged sheet masks that are applied on clean, moisturized skin. All of the amazing goodness is in the sheet that you fit to your face and let sit for 10-20 minutes. There is no need to even rinse the skin afterwards, just wipe off any excess. With 4 options to choose from, Vitamin, Cooling, Lifting and Whitening, there is something for most skin needs. They are packed with fruit extracts, beneficial oils, high quality vitamins and peptides (among other amazing things) and basically act like a skin spa that is quick, easy and relaxing.

A side note-one thing I love for brides is to give them a moment to process the day. I have been doing bridal makeup for 18 years and most brides do not get a chance to slow down and process the emotions of the day until they sit in my chair. You cannot be running around, chatting with family and friends and taking care of details of the day while you are getting your makeup done and a lot of emotions can hit at once. Sitting for 10-20 minutes under a mask is a perfect way to process and reflect and works wonder for the skin and the mind.

If you are nervous about reacting to a new skin or makeup product or have sensitive skin, I always tell brides to try products before the day of the wedding to make sure there are no issues. I have very reactive skin and my face has loved these masks. They also make great gifts for the bridal party and a fun addition to a bridal shower or recovery from a bachelorette weekend (or post-wedding morning).

I love that we can get access to more and more of the best that the world has to offer with beauty and skincare. Korea offers a wealth of products and Mustaev is one of those

Beauty Product of the Day
MAC Cosmetics/Charlotte Olympia
Leading Lady Red
Stephanie Klasse Artistry brings you her expertise for bridal makeup.
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Ashley Engle at Matthew Morris Salon and Human Hair Extensions Australia bring us ways to use hair extensions for your wedding day.
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 Is CO2 Laser right for your pre-wedding regime?

Tina, the owner of Parker Med Spa recently gave me a CO2 laser treatment on my face. For those of you not familiar with the treatment, it removes top layers of the skin to reverse the signs of aging, sun damage or scarring. Are you a bride who wants to look your best and possibly remove scars or reveal firmer skin? Below is some information for you because it is essential to know what you are getting into.

What is a CO2 Laser?

This special laser is made up of a gas mixture and composed with four elements: nitrogen, hydrogen, helium & carbon dioxide. It operates in the infrared spectrum, special materials that are essential for their construction.

The laser removes thin layers of skin with minimal damage. It is the most aggressive laser and produces the most dramatic results, but also requires longer healing times. Very short pulses of light, known as an ultra pulse are delivered in a pattern to remove thin layers of skin with minimum heat damage.

The First Couple of Days...

I felt tired the first day and it was a little painful and numb but not unbearable. I'm used to my own skin, so I was fine walking around, but to others it was completely different. The skin on my face was NOT pretty! I slept on my back and kept social interactions strictly to the phone or online appointments. Friends were supportive, we made light of the situation (you have to) and they were making me smile. I felt no pain the second day. However, the second day...oh boy!!! I looked the worst, but I know it was part of the process.

Day 3, Pink! Pink! Pink!

After the first three days I was able to get a round but it was a pain rearranging my schedule.  It's best to schedule nothing during this process so I worked from home.  Soon I was able to wear a hat, get a round and most importantly keep out of the sun. You don't want sun damage on new skin.

It's a fairly fast process to heal. Currently, I have a light flush to my cheeks temporarily now, and I won't need to wear any foundation for a while. My skin looks great! Results will vary with each person. My skin should become firmer and younger looking as the months go by. I won't need to do this often, but years down the road I absolutely plan on the treatment! (Follow up treatments will use a lighter setting since I won't need the deeper setting.)

What was my recovery like? Take a look:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Important Information

Do not use ice packs on your skin if you get flushed

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day up to a gallon (I drank one gallon)

Eat healthy (I snuck my favorite dark chocolate in of course!! )

Keep your face constantly layered with the Cell Protection Balm to avoid scarring

  • Do not pick at your skin
  • Keep your face out of the sun
  • Healing varies, but so will your results based on your beauty regime

Relax and enjoy your down time


Are there any side effects?

Swelling, itching, crusting, and tenderness but only for the first week (on me at least).

Redness, pigment changes in the skin, grid type pattern fades but is visible, skin irritation.

Color (pigment) changes in the skin

Here is a list of the products I used:

For more information please go to Parker Med Spa  (303) 841-8780

Red Lips are for Everyone
By Stephanie Klasse
Unstoppable Tube.W Red lips are a look that anyone can pull off. Yes, this is a fact. It can make your teeth look whiter and pull an entire look together. It can be worn on a full face of makeup or alone with nothing else on the face. As a makeup artist, I cannot tell you how many times clients have told me that they love the look of red lips, but they cannot, for one reason or another, pull it off. Whether it be the application, the maintenance or simply finding the right color or formula, it seems a daunting challenge for so many women.
Preparation is key to getting the perfect red lip. In any makeup application, what is under that product is your number one culprit when things go awry. Starting with well exfoliated and hydrated lips are the essential for any bold lip, well any lip color choice really. The Lip Scrub, from Sara Happ is an exfoliating and hydrating gem. Made with food grade ingredients and in 10 delicious flavors, this scrub uses a range of oils and sugars to perfectly prepare your lips for a sanguine pucker.
Now, the right shade of red makes the look really effortless to pull off. Just because red lips are for everyone, doesn't mean that every red is right for everyone. Have you ever played with reds? They start at a true red and can pull either warm and orangy or cool with blue undertones. Not every shade works with every skin undertone and even hair color. In short, like undertones work more easily together. If you have overwhelmingly warm skin or hair, err on the side of the orangy reds. If your skin is more fair, cool, especially if you are also a brunette, try a blue-based red. Always start with a true red and go from there. I pooled my trusted colleagues and have compiled a list of favorites to try.SinglePowderCompactz
Angela Woodward says she loves these because they are long lasting and non drying.

Temptu Color True in Imperial Red

Tarte Tartiest Lip Paints in Bae

This newer formulation from Makeup forever combines long wear with the option of high shine.

Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge in Iconic Red

This orangy red is bold and combines long wear and easy application in a lip crayon. I love a pop of this in the center of the lip when I have a blue or true red on.GlosstonePro_RedKiss

Glo Minerals Suede Matte Crayon in Crush

Liquid Lipsticks are the newest addition to long wearing lip color. The soft applicator can make them easy to apply and the color is highly pigmenting and long wearing. Note- a little bit goes a very long way. Margina Dennis says try a lip brush and start in the center of your lips. Pro Lindsay Gonzales is a fan of the Stila and Brandy Rich has used The Jeffree Star on bridal clients who's lip color have lasted through the night.

Stila Liquid Lipstick in Fiery

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Redrum

If a lipstick seems daunting, I suggest a red lip-gloss. Pigment in glosses can vary, and I have had numerous clients really love the easy and gorgeous pop of color a gloss can offer. They are also easy to apply and maintain.

Gleam Lip Radiance by Melanie Mills in Unstoppable offers a full coverage color and high shine. They are hydrating and highly pigmented and all around beautiful. If you want depth of color and a hydrating formula this is well worth a try.

Mehron Glosstone in Red Kiss is a more traditional gloss, but is is non sticky and glides on with more of a hint of true red. I may have had to put in on while typing does feel amazing on.

Up Against The Wall.WUnstoppable.W
Technique is the final piece of this puzzle.

Try a lip primer. Makeup Artist, Angela Woodward suggests Urban Decay Ozone, though a bit drying, is a multipurpose makeup primer pencil will help lock on your red lip.

Makeup artists unanimously agree on one technique. Pro MUA, Margina Dennis, suggests you fill in your entire lip with a long wearing red lip-liner and then add your lipstick on top. This will create a seamless base that will help when your lipstick begins to wear. Suzanne Minskey add that this will also prevent bleeding and feathering of the lipstick.

Stila Long Wear Lip-liner in Passionate and Makeup Forever Aqua Lip Waterproof lip liner pencil in Red or Orange Red are great long-wear options.

Make sure you sketch the lip liner in both directions to create a more symmetrical shape. Start at the cupids bow and once that is done sketch from the outer corners and work in. Repeat on the bottom by beginning in the center and then work from the outer corners in again.

(My personal secret is to use a lip stain as a base if you want something a little different) I love the Stila Lip and Cheek Stain and the Benetint from Benefit Cosmetics. These are beautiful under a blue-based red lipstick or a Red Lip-gloss.

Try different formulations. As you can see from the section above, there are a lot of amazing and innovative brands, shades and formulations available. You might find a long wear formula easy or you might find them drying. The benefits of intense pigment and long wear with the new liquid lipsticks could resonate with you or you might find them hard to apply(They are my favorite). You might love the ease of a lip crayon or you might love a creamy classic red. You might love the high shine and hint of red with a gloss; they are a great place to start. You might want to keep it classic with a vintage inspired matte red. The key is that there is a world of solutions to the problems that might keep you from trying a red lip.

Finish the look. If there are any mistakes, you can go aroung the edges of the lip with a concealer or dual finish powder. Graftobian dual finish powder foundation is my favorite product to edge a red lip. It will additionally help keep the red from feathering or bleeding.

Practice. Then practice some more. The one common thread that I find when clients share their makeup struggles is that they try something once, maybe twice and if it doesn't work they stop. They assume the technique isn't for them.

Red lips are for everyone.  They can be worn every day and yet be different every day. Remember, explore, play and practice. Find your red and show it off.



By Stephanie Klasse



New Year's Eve beauty requires a little (or a lot of) extra sparkle, drama and staying power to properly ring in the New Year. Preparing properly and reaching for the right products in your makeup bag will ensure that your look will last long into the wee hours of the morning. Makeup meltdown is always a problem with any long evening. Adding drinks into the mix will cause this to happen even faster. Luckily, there is a plethora of long wearing items to do the job right.


Hydrate: First, start by drinking plenty of water. Well hydrated skin is the best canvas for your foundation. That starts from the inside. I advise clients to try and drink 8-16 ounces of water within an hour of a makeup application. This will also help prepare your entire body for an evening of potential imbibing as well. Next, apply a moisturizer appropriate for your skin type. Every skin, dry to oily, requires a moisturizer. After you moisturizer has had a few minutes to absorb, apply a primer. I love the Youngblood Mineral Primer. (Remember a little dab is plenty) Now you skin is ready for your makeup application.

Apply: If you are going for more drama on the eyes for the night, I suggest doing eye makeup before the foundation. This can ensure you can easily clean up any fall out from eye shadow or glitter without ruining a flawless foundation job. Urban Decay Eye shadow Primer Potion is my go to eye primer. A dab of this blended on the eyelids will really lock your eye makeup on and it will got he distance.



The Makeup Forever AquaMatic  eye shadow pencils provide a blend-able, crease-less, and highly pigmented color and can be an eyeliner or an eye shadow. This is your bulletproof smokey eye essential. If you're looking for a sleek cat eye, reach for the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner . This eyeliner will give you a wing sharp enough to cut a diamond and it will last just as long as the gem itself.



Flawless foundation is all about the blending. I am a huge fan of the (very affordable) Real Techniques Complexion sponge . Remember to build your foundation coverage in layers and blend with a rolling dabbing (not wiping) motion to press your foundation in to the skin. I have been reaching for the newly formulated Makeup Forever HD Ultra foundations. These come in a liquid and a creme formula and have worked well for me on all skin types. For those needing a lasting concealer, the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer is very lightweight, waterproof formula for the high impact coverage. For the makeup maven wanting a vegan and completely cruelty free concealer, I adore the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Skin Conceal . The colors and undertones are great and the pigment packs a punch.mac_sku_MGT901_640x600_0

Long wearing lips that last though champagne sips and midnight kisses are not a thing of dreams. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick  can provide a matte pout from a vivid red to a suede nude. They aren't drying like most long wearing lip formulas because they contain Vitamin E and Avocado oil. These are also so easy to apply with a liquid formula and wand applicator.

Finishing Touches: Glitter and glam are a swipe away with right products. MUA, Allison Barlow recommends The NYX Liquid Crystal Glitter Liners "for a subtle hint on your lash line or all over the lid for maximum glam." Pro, Julia Moeller reaches for the Lit Cosmetics Glitter Kits  for a NYE look. The glitter kits even come with a water resistant clear glitter base to lock on the loose sparkle until long after the clock strikes 12. Looking for a multi-functional shimmer? Makeup Artist, Brandy Rich suggests the new Pure Minerals Eye Polish . "They really do a beautiful shimmery eye, Plus they can be used as a liquid highlighter as well."Eye-Polish-Suede-CapOn-.28oz-72dpi

If you're looking for more of a look than you feel like you can achieve on your own or you're just hoping to sit back and let someone else do the work, NYE is the perfect time to reach out to a professional makeup artist in your area to help you get the glam look you are looking for. A good pro will have their kits stocked with everything you need to achieve the long lasting beauty for an amazing evening. Whether you want to do it yourself or hire the right professional, always choose wisely, and bring a few touch up supplies for the night. Happy New Year!!!


Bridal Fashion Week FALL 2016

By Stephanie Klasse

Bridal Beauty Trends have a long tradition of simple elegance and wearable glamour. The traditional blushing bride comes to mind instantly and, as a way to avoid looking like every other bride, we can look to the bridal runways as a source of inspiration to create one's own signature bridal beauty look. Here are some of my favorite looks and trends from New York Bridal Week.
The beauty at Pronovias was a stand out for me. The hair is pulled back in a chic, slightly loose and messy up-do and is balanced out with equally chic  and sparkling hair accessories. The makeup featured dewy skin and a vibrant pale pink matching lip and cheek and contoured cheekbones. The eyes were defined with a thin black line that winged slightly at the outer comer; while the lower waterline was rimmed with a bright white eyeliner. This technique will instantly open and brighten the eyes. The look was finished with a strong, powder filled brow.
 Ramona Keveza

I was smitten by the sleek elegance at Ramona Keveza. The hair was pulled back in a tight, sleek, mid-high ponytail and embellished with dazzling feminine accessories. The makeup was equally sleek. The skin finish was soft and matte with a contoured, slightly bronzy cheekbone and soft highlight strategically placed at the top of the cheekbone. A subtle peachy pink wash of color was applied to the lips and cheeks in a matching hue. The brows we expertly groomed and defined and framed a softly lined eye. A double coat of mascara was applied to give bit of a glamorous finish to the entire look.



Naeem Khan


Marchesa, Naeem Khan and BERTA all wowed with bridal crowns fit for a queen and the crowns (and earrings) were more of the feature, rather than the hair. The makeup at Marchesa featured a lightly stained lip and a soft, slightly winged eyeliner while Naeem Khan took the stain to more of a berry and featured a golden hued soft, smoky eye. The BERTA brides were true golden goddesses. The dewy skin was set off by very defined bronzed cheekbones and an equally bronzy eye. Their lips were natural, with maybe a hint of clear balm.

Claire Pettibone


NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 08: A model walks during the Claire Pettibone Bridal Fall/Winter 2016 Presentation at The Prince George Ballroom on October 8, 2015 in New York City.


The beauty at Claire Pettibone had a playful yet sultry energy. The updos were loose and messy with fallen tendrils cascading down. The makeup was highlighted by a punchy poppy matching lip and cheek with glowing skin. The eyes were a burnished golden on the top while a thicker, smudged brown eyeliner defined the outer lower half of the eye.

Reem Acra


Badgley Mischka


Reem Acra and Badgley Mischka brought a bit more drama with the makeup, especially with the deeper berry lips. Reem Acra's brides has a matte berry stain on the lips and boldly blushed cheeks to match. Strong, powder-filled brows were paired with a pale shadowed lid and a bolder, black winged eyeliner that connected with an equally raven-lined waterline on the bottom. Badgley Mischka paired a slicked, center parted hair with a deep, plum berry luster on the lips and a contoured but lightly blushed cheek. The brows were groomed with a brow gel and framed and bronzy smoky eye, done with only eye shadow and no eyeliner.
Ralph & Russo


Ralph and Russo also brought a bit of beauty drama. The hair was long, beachy waves sprayed and styled to perfection. The eyes at this show brought all the sultry drama. A heavier smokey eye, blended upward and outward adorned the eyes of these brides. The center of the lids were a shimmery gold. This keeps the eye makeup from looking too heavy and keeps the eyes from looking small or closed. The cheekbones followed suit with the trend and were contoured and defined while the lips and cheeks had just a hint of natural color.
Overall, Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2016 was packed full of glamour. There was an endless supply of beauty inspiration for every bride to build their signature bridal look.
NYFW Beauty recap by Stephanie Klasse

New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 was not only full of some of our favorite designers' amazing ready to wear collections, but it was packed with ready to wear beauty as well. NYFW, in my opinion, has the most 'real woman' makeup of all the major world fashion weeks as a whole. By this I mean that there are some very consistent trends that can be literally translated from the runway to the real woman's makeup routine. While the looks ranged from very clean, simple faces to bright pops of color and new takes on graphic eyeliner, there is something for every woman and every occasion.



Natural makeup looks were all over NYFW runways. Though these makeup designs are the most natural they are far from boring. The minimalist visages were consistently accentuated with bronzy cheeks or highlighted/strobed cheekbones. Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors shows featured models that were fresh faced and bronzy while the ladies of Rodarte had major cheekbones and more bronzy smoky eyes as well. The Fashion Palette Bridal runway show featured multiple Australian designers and a brilliant gold bronze glow to highlight the cheeks. MAC Cosmetics is a major NYFW beauty sponsor as well as an original 'strobing' brand. The clean makeup looks on the Osklen and Zac Posen runways were lit up with brilliantly '3D' stobed faces.

11947882_507069636128564_611601160736920647_o A bold lip paired with a very natural eye was another runway trend. While and color on the lip initially seemed elusive at NYFW, they started making more regular appearances as the week progressed. Maybelline sponsored, DKNY, had a bold true red lip while their sponsored Gypsy Sport show rocked a glossy orangey/red lip paired with a punch of blue mascara. Marchaesa pouts were a fantastic fuchsia and proved that a bold lip doesn't have to be red to be chic.


If NYFW beauty trends proved anything, it was that pops of color aren't just for the lips. Blue, Green, Orange, and Pink eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara odorned models eyes all over NYFW. 3.1 Phillip Lim, Novice and Monique Lhullier featured various hues of blue, color-blocked eyeliner, while Stila Cosmetics sponsored Nanette Lapore paired pink with orange or blue with green on the upper and lower lids. Nars Cosmetics gave the inner half of the eyelid a bright pop of blue with their Soloman Islands Eye Paint at Marc Jacobs while the Diane Von Furstenburg runway featured a unique smoky eye of greens and blues.

Graphic eyeliner had a fun, yet very wearable moment at NYFW. Carmen Marc Valvo was simple and unexpected with a clean face and multiple, painterly swipes of black gel liner on the eyelid. Jeremy Scott took the graphic line to a funky 60s place with painted lower eyelashes and a fierce wing (paired with fierce wigs). Thom Browne had his girls rocking a lower graphic eye line deep into the waterline for his "down the rabbit hole" inspired show.

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 15: A model walks the runway wearing Carmen Marc Valvo Women's and Men's Collection S/S 2016 during New York Fashion Week: The Shows at The Arc, Skylight at Moynihan Station on September 15, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Carmen Marc Valvo)

The runways of NYFW rocked simple, chic and fun trends that are sure to find their way into your Spring and Summer makeup routines. Pick a feature, play with color, paint those lips and rock those brilliant, bronzy cheekbones in 2016!