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Small Talks
Couture Spring-Summer 2023

Intended as a celebration of Maison Georges Hobeika’s savoir-faire, this joyful
collection showcases the importance of the relationships and interactions between

family and friends. Underlying this concept is the familial collaboration between Co-
Creative Directors Georges and Jad Hobeika, and the powerful link with the house’s

archives and ateliers. The collection also highlights the importance of a support
network, and the people who bring us together in everyday life.
To emphasise this sense of love and connection, the show’s casting includes a number
of real-life friends of the Maison, walking as couples and pairs in order to create the
experience of a once-in-a-lifetime moment at Paris Fashion Week; to name a few:
Leonie Hanne, Gabrielle Caunesil, Jessica Kahawaty & her mom, Cynthia Samuel &
Adam Bakri, Lorena Vergani, Valentina, Ameni Esseibi, Diala Makki & Twins Hadban.
Men’s couture is once again present on the Maison Georges Hobeika catwalk,
affirming its place as part of the house’s DNA. This rich heritage bringing together
nearly 30 years of creative history forms the basis for the more than seventy looks
presented, with the idea of drawing on key elements to showcase exquisite
craftsmanship whilst maintaining a feeling of ease and lightness perfectly suited to a
contemporary generation of couture clients.
The silhouettes further reflect this sense of ease and modernity: dresses appear to
float on the body, while a neckline inspired by Marie-Antoinette opts for the fresh twist
of a jumpsuit shape. The ornate embroidery synonymous with the Maison’s heritage,
creates magical “trompe-l’œil” effects; such as frosted water droplets, cascading
diamond shapes and an ethereal burst of flowing feathers. Gold and silver chains and
intricate thread embroidery evoke the links and webs between individuals. Motifs from
nature including a horse’s head, birds and feathers, echo Jad Hobeika’s own happy
childhood memories. The striking colour palette features the essential yellows, pinks
and blues alongside classic black and white, with plays on sheerness and contrasts.
Bringing together references from the Maison’s archive, as well as integrating a bright
new energy, this collection is the true vector of happy moments. Highlighting the
importance of human connection and conversation, “small talks” stand out in an
increasingly virtual world.