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Rami Kadi Haute Couture

“That I and you become one, that from my eyes, you see what is beautiful; and from yours, I see what is unprecedented.”

Rami Kadi’s Collection Couture Spring Summer 2022, which he named “Lucid Algorithms,” is an ode to a world which sees the physical and the digital rethink the boundaries that separate them.

A curious spirit by heart, Rami Kadi never shied away from marrying his couture with new technology, pioneering by that several innovations. From boldly launching a collection that glows in the dark to being the first designer to introduce a cyber fashion show before COVID-19, Rami Kadi has always been one of the earliest adopters of technology in couture. With his new collection, Rami Kadi ventures further into a world of codes, NFT, and metaverse.

In what just might be the first-ever human-computer couture collaboration of this scale, Rami Kadi has created the elements which would come to designate the base of his new theme. He then fed those elements into an algorithm, in an attempt to understand how the artificial mind comprehends our beauty. The result was an array of new and unprecedented visuals that combine the creativity and perception of both humankind and machinery.

Rami Kadi reinterpreted those visuals to design all but one of the Collection Couture Spring Summer 2022. As for that final dress, Rami Kadi used one of the visuals, as is and unchanged in a clear nod to the capabilities of artificial intelligence. What resulted was an astonishing window into a whole new genre of design, where colors open up new bridges between seasons, universes, and realities, and amplify the singularity of "savoir faire."

“To me, the discussion is not about whether we see this change as something positive or negative. To me, it is inevitable. It is a change that has already started to happen and just as I seek beauty in everything around me, I also see beauty in algorithms.”

The collection features 40 dresses made from holographic materials that flaunt strong bold colors. Through lively pulsations and contrasting rhythms, Rami Kadi affirms the energy and strength of color. The dresses of Rami Kadi’s Lucid Algorithms collection appear to flirt with the light around them. The holographic materials absorb pigmentation and reinterpret the colors of light, leaving us with a shimmering effect.

Anticipating a metaverse-centric future, Rami Kadi is among the designers who are pioneering couture in a virtual world.

This collection also signals Rami Kadi’s entrance into the NFT world. The couture house will officially launch its NFT line on 02/02/2022 in the Theater of Digital Art (TODA) in Dubai, which will consist of 120 rare tokens, which can be bought directly on the Rami Kadi website For now, the NFT’s feature the patterns that were generated from this fusion.

Rami Kadi will be the first fashion designer to launch his NFT collection on Cardano blockchain.

However, the designer has just begun the true adoption of the digital world. “I believe that fashion in the metaverse will be as important as it is today, if not more so. Of course I look forward to designing for metaverse avatars. You cannot limit art to one certain world or one certain code of conduct. Art transcends boundaries that sometimes scare us.”

As the UNEP goodwill ambassador for sustainable fashion, Rami Kadi believes the digital world is coupled with a commitment to protect our physical one. The collection utilizes fabrics from recycled materials, organics, and low chemical finishes for a proud shine.