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Krikor Jabotian X Beit el Baraka

"... Hand in Hand we can make a significant step towards realizing this dream".

Over the past two years, up to two million Lebanese have found themselves living in poverty due to the worst socio-economic crisis that the country has faced since 1920. The Lebanese currency's soaring inflation rate, the COVID-19 pandemic and the August, 4, 2020 Beirut blast – one of the most powerful non-nuclear explosions in history – have compounded the intensity of Lebanon's unprecedented financial and economic collapse.

With a dire need to provide support for impoverished individuals and families, Atelier Krikor Jabotian in collaboration with Beit el Baraka has launched its campaign "Flower of Glory" made up of 7 limited edition brooches created by Lebanese artisans. The "Flower of Glory" campaign will be running throughout the month of June, with all proceeds going to the non-profit charity organization Beit el Baraka, who are dedicated to assisting destitute communities with basic needs, providing access to food, decent livelihood, medical services and education.

Lebanese women – the nurtures, fighters, mentors and providers who have allowed our communities to forcefully blossom and persevere in spite of severe hardships, inspire the 7 limited edition brooches named Anahid, Layla, Sabah, Salwa, Therese, Varteni and Victorine. Together the brooches create an exquisite bouquet of brass and pearl, each with its own one off unique design.

Today, non-governmental initiatives are what keep the Lebanese people afloat and Atelier Krikor Jabotian could not be more motivated to contribute to a much-needed cause, while creating a product that exemplifies the exquisite artistry of traditional Lebanese craftsmanship.

"I have a great sense of gratitude and respect for Beit el Baraka's mission and vision," says Creative Director and Designer Krikor Jabotian. "It has been a devastating year for Lebanon and this is the atelier's humble way of giving back. We remain ready and willing to support one another, in hopes that one day every Lebanese can lead a dignified life. Hand in hand, we hope to make a significant step towards realizing this dream." – Krikor Jabotian