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Alex & Galina’s Castle Wedding

Love story....

Alex and I met in 2008 through my brother, Vitaliy, who had known Alex from high school and met him again by chance in medical school years later. The rigor of medical school brought them closer together and after a tough series of classes they were back in New York before starting their clinical rotations. Vitaliy took me along to a night out with the guys, where Alex and I met and had an immediate connection. We became enthralled with each other and spent every minute we could together, even if it meant studying for medical exams just to be together.
After realizing that this may be serious, my brother joked, "what have I done?" This.
Alex proposed in 2015 at The River Cafe under the Brooklyn bridge, one of my favorite places. This was a complete surprise, as I was led to believe we were going out for another event. He planned everything meticulously, had the dining hall decorated in pink peonies and candle light, had our closest friends and family hidden nearby, and had paparazzi in position with cameras! It was very thoughtful and incredibly romantic. It was only fitting that our wedding be just as special and magical. We love to travel and we love adventure. We decided to have a wedding unlike any other in the most romantic place in the entire world- France! We found Chateau Challain by chance on the internet and were married in the most luxurious setting.
Pops of bright colors filled the scene for the ceremony and reception at the castle.
At the end of the wedding everyone celebrated with fireworks and sparklers.  A gorgeous way to end an all star wedding event!
Wedding Venue was at the Chateau Challain
Photography by Flavio Bandiera
Wedding dresses & accessories including veil, headpiece and hat were created by Liliana Nikchemny , owner and designer of Monica's Bridal salon
Bridal shoes were Chanel
Bridesmaids robes were by Natori short silk robes- Neiman Marcus
Groom's apparel was Bartorelli Napoli tuxedo , Hugo Boss tuxedo shirt, Barneys silk bow ties (groom and groomsmen)
Grooms shoes were Salvatore Ferragamo Luis Perforated Formal Slip-Ons
Wedding bands were made by Bacio D'oro Jewelry


Lilli Rose

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