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Tony Ward Couture

The Muse behind the Tony Ward Couture Spring Summer 2017 Collection is Aelia Eudocia, a Byzantine woman who refused to settle for injustice. Empowered by her love and knowledge of Literature, she stepped up bravely when difficulties rose and went to Constantinople to ask for justice in the empirical court. Her strength impressed the young emperor Theodosius II who fell in love with her and married her.

Charmed by the empress’ avant-garde and unconventional journey, Tony Ward reflects her boldness and modernism on his designs. Through the eyes of the design- er, the Byzantine Fashion is rethought and the rich mosaic patterns are seen through a new, contemporary eye.

The collection is rich in colors; the splendor of the Byzantine Era is captured in a captivating mix of Royal red, Byzantine blue, gold, silver, black, white, light pink and sky gray.
The majestic cuts that were favorited by the Byzantine woman are softened in this collection with a play on transparency and modern tailoring. Traditional patterns are reinvented; crystals and precious stones are embroidered on garments made of lace, embroidered tulle and silk – which was especially beloved by the Byzantines.

This summer season, Tony Ward offers a collection at the image of the empress: a mixture of strength, poetry, boldness and femininity.

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