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Winter Wedding by Claire Pettibone

Snow dusted on winter's branches, and a glint of icy shimmer make such magical inspiration for a winter wedding. In keeping with the festive feeling of the season, this is the perfect time for a little sparkle on your Delicate crystal beading, tiny sequins, or seed pearls offer a subtle nod to the season.

Winter is also a perfect time to incorporate silver or gold as an accent in your gown and overall wedding theme. And for a timeless, vintage vibe, lace is always a classic. Play with corded textures, or metallic threads...a bold looks so beautiful in the snow or set against twinkling lights and candles.

Sleeves are not only practical from a shiver perspective, but so gorgeous on a wedding gown. This is probably not the time for a plunging bare back, but an illusion embroidery, and serious back detailing placed just so, gives  hints of your beauty beneath, while keeping the goosebumps at bay. Winter is the perfect season for a statement gown. Full skirts, or a mermaid silhouette, dramatic long trains, elegant sleeves, and details galore...go for the drama winter brides!  - Claire Pettibone


Celeste Claire Pettibone_0069_lo

Winter Claire Pettibone_0093_lo

Winter Claire Pettibone _0107_lo

Snow Claire Pettibone_0103_lo

Snow Claire Pettibone _0016_lo

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Noel Claire Pettibone _0043_lo

Photography by Sarah Kate