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WHISPERS by Ashi Studio

She arrived at midnight, in a rush of passion, entering her hotel room
with barely contained sensuality, breathlessly waiting. Every step she
heard on the wooden stairs was a promise, every door that opened
brought love blissfully closer. The hours passed, the night turned into
day, and again into night, an endless passing of time, waiting for
fulfillment that never came.
Look 11
She slid on the bed and fell into oblivion, clinging onto empty
promises, succumbing to a veil of sorrow, while gusts of an unforgiving
wind kept the shutters forever closed. As the years flew by, she
gradually transcended her physical beauty, imprinting herself onto
the very room where she sought refuge.
Look 4a
There’s a whisper in the air, a lingering sense of her presence. Even
though she appears to have vanished without a trace, she remains in
that gilded room, inside a once grand hotel’s crumbling beauty. Her
heart melted into the chair, her hair transformed into the drapes and
her eyes became the all-seeing windows.
Look 1
The very core of her being inhabits the room. Her soul has found
solace within the four walls, and the room has absorbed her feminine
essence, transforming itself into a mirror image of her persona. She
may be gone but she’s still here, wrapping her spirit around anyone
who crosses the threshold.
Look 10a
Ashi’s new collection embodies the emotions of that elusive woman,
with cascading veils to hide the sorrow, leaf-shaped embroidery
across the bodice to recapture love, tree-inspired designs along the
neckline to give her back her voice. Hues are soft, almost ephemeral,
a million shades of pearl, with surprise splashes of sun. A tale of
passion, of eternity and of remembrance.
Look 5b