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Matt Loves Lindsay

Lindsay:  Matt and I met working at a sushi restaurant in Boulder, Hapa. I was a hostess working part time, while I was still in college, and Matt a sushi chef. I remember the moment I asked my coworker who was the guy behind the sushi bar with red beard and the rest was history. One of our first dates he surprised me with taking me to L&L BBQ in Denver.


The Ring: The ring came from Matt's Great-Grandmother who immigrated
from Ireland. Her family had to pawn the ring during the great
depression but was eventually able to get it back. The ring has
always been very special to Matt's family and when Matt's father
proposed to his mother, he took the ring to a jeweler and had the
jeweler make a copy. Matt's Aunt inherited the original ring. Once
she heard Matt was looking for an engagement ring for me, she called him
up. She told him if he could get a flight out to NY then he could
have the ring. "I knew of the ring and it's significance, because this
same Aunt lent it to Matt's sister, Katie, for her something blue for her
wedding a couple of years ago." Matt proposed on the top of Haleakala
as the sun rose while they were home over the summer.


Lindsay gets ready in her Alvina Valenta gown with her bridesmaids and family.

Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_080 Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_104Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_340Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_152

Matt enjoys getting ready on the patio of the Haiku Mill, wearing a Angelico suit.

Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_121 Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_124unspecified-3

The gorgeous color scheme of bridesmaid gowns mixed with floral looks picture perfect walking up the aisle.
Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_194 Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_209

Lindsay's father gives her away to Matt.

Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_234 Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_243 Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_259 Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_282

Cocktail hour was full of fresh fish appetizers and sushi, perfect for a Hawaiian day.

Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_287Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_393 Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_408 Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_443 Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_450

It's been a big day for the ring bearer and flower girls as they enjoy the reception, relaxing on the couch.

Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_467unspecified-2 unspecified-1 Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_473

Lindsay and Matt radiate happiness on their wedding day.

Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_485 Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_549

The two puppy cake toppers are the most adorable creations for this pairs wedding cake.Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_565

Lindsay danced to 'No Kipukai' By Bill Kaiwa. It was a very special song because her family presently owns Kipukai, located on Kauai. Her Ancestor, Jack Waterhouse, bought the property back in 1948, which the song acknowledges him. It is a very sacred place to Lindsay's family. Lindsay took 8 years of hula and was taught the song under Kumu, Gordean Bailey. She was lucky enough to practice the song with her before the wedding a couple of times. AND was able to keep it a secret from Matt!

Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_612Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_600 Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_618Matt+Lindsay_TamizPhotography_491

Photography: Tamiz Photography

Venue: Haiku Mill

Event & Coordination by: Elements Luxury Events

Gown Designer: Alvina Valenta
Alterations: Donna Beth Creations
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Jewelry: Diamond earring (family heirloom),
Hawaiian bracelet, and various puka shell bangles
Matt's Suit: Angelico
Save the Dates:
Wedding Invitations: Julie Sbicca

Beauty: Maui Makeup Artistry