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By Melanie Mills Hollywood
Are you concerned that the summer is over, and as a result so is your summer glow? Brides have several choices to get the perfect bridal bronze, from tanning beds, spray tans and various lotions that add an array of tanning and bronzing options. With the safety of indoor tanning being constantly called into question, is there something that is actually good for your skin?A series of products that I absolutely adore are from Melanie Mills Hollywood. Melanie is an Emmy award winning makeup artist that has long been know in Hollywood for her makeup skills. When she was the Department Head for Dancing With The Stars she was presented with some unique challenges. How could she make the talent look amazing from head to toe for HD cameras under some strenuous conditions? For those of you that know the show, the contestants are of all age ranges, skin tones and shades, all fitness levels and in some itty bitty outfits. Did I mention they are dancing their tushes off under hot lights on television?
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Under all of this need, Melanie developed Gleam Body Radiance. Let me tell you, it is magical. Packed with beneficial oils (olive, safflower and jojoba) and aloe it is amazing for the skin, but what it does for the appearance of the skin is even more incredible. Imagine a single application adding 3x more color and fantastic radiance to any skin tone! It also receives bonus points points for it being seriously transfer resistant (remember when I said they were dancing under some hard conditions?).The real benefit of the GleamBody Radiance isn't necessarily the hydration and the bronzing alone. The radiant glow with the bronzer hides veins, uneven skin coloration and smooths texture. Brides can use this as a stand alone product or on top of any other tanning option they may have used to really take their bridal glow to the next level from head to toe (yes, you absolutely can use it on your face). It is also non staining and non streaking. It is a full makeup, lotion and highlighting radiance glow all in one that can take you from you wedding day through your honeymoon.Melanie Mills Hollywood is growing and has added some fantastic other products. I highly recommend you check them out!!Bonus-They have launched a Gleam on the Go Kit that features their 3 colors in 1 oz sizes to try!!
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With the Spring/Summer 2017 shows coming to a close you can imagine that models' skin from all over is breathing a sigh of relief. Models rush from show to show, and event to event from NYC-LONDON-MILAN-PARIS. Makeup of all types of put on and taken off multiple times a day for weeks for some of these girls. Even the normal models career is incredibly stressful on the skin. As a makeup artist myself, it can be very hard to take sensitized skin and make it runway ready in what feels like an instant. Luckily, with a global beauty market, artists, models and everyone else can take advantage of some really amazing products that we might not have had access to before.

Brides are no exception to this. Think about the week before the wedding. The dinners, the drinks, the pictures, the stress and the last minute details all coming together. It takes a toll on the skin. One product that I kept seeing backstage at these fashion shows shows is something that models and brides alike can use, and should know about. It is one of those fantastic global items-the Mustaev Masks.

I love sheet masks and the ones from this Korean Beauty Brand are some of the best. The masks are individually packaged sheet masks that are applied on clean, moisturized skin. All of the amazing goodness is in the sheet that you fit to your face and let sit for 10-20 minutes. There is no need to even rinse the skin afterwards, just wipe off any excess. With 4 options to choose from, Vitamin, Cooling, Lifting and Whitening, there is something for most skin needs. They are packed with fruit extracts, beneficial oils, high quality vitamins and peptides (among other amazing things) and basically act like a skin spa that is quick, easy and relaxing.

A side note-one thing I love for brides is to give them a moment to process the day. I have been doing bridal makeup for 18 years and most brides do not get a chance to slow down and process the emotions of the day until they sit in my chair. You cannot be running around, chatting with family and friends and taking care of details of the day while you are getting your makeup done and a lot of emotions can hit at once. Sitting for 10-20 minutes under a mask is a perfect way to process and reflect and works wonder for the skin and the mind.

If you are nervous about reacting to a new skin or makeup product or have sensitive skin, I always tell brides to try products before the day of the wedding to make sure there are no issues. I have very reactive skin and my face has loved these masks. They also make great gifts for the bridal party and a fun addition to a bridal shower or recovery from a bachelorette weekend (or post-wedding morning).

I love that we can get access to more and more of the best that the world has to offer with beauty and skincare. Korea offers a wealth of products and Mustaev is one of those