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Pantsuits for a wedding?

Pantsuits for a wedding?
Yes! It's more of an honor than anyone knew!

Not too long ago, women weren't even allowed to wear pants in public! Pants were considered too masculine and inappropriate for females. The 19th century began to allow women to start wearing pants for leisure activities such as walking and riding. It didn't take long for this trend to spread and by 1914, CoCo Chanel designs the first women's suit. It's actually not until 1964 that Andre Courreges creates a woman's slim, minimalist pant suit for both day and evening wear, he also creates jeans!

Two years later, in 1966, Yves Saint Laurent introduces, 'Le Smoking', the women's first formal tuxedo. Celebrities at the time such as Katharine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich help bring fame to pantsuits, appearing in films, award ceremonies and public wearing them. Most important, these women seemed not only elegant and refined, but incredibly comfortable as they defied the female norm and stepped outside the box. They were able to maintain their femininity while wearing pants, imagine!

It's important to remember that these women in history defied the masses and are responsible for fashion having a place in our every day lives. The choice in the morning to wear a skirt, a dress or pants wasn't always ours to have. Early pant suit designers such as Luba Marks, Foale and Tuffin and Ossie Clark saw a vision for women that has just come into its own.

In 1967, Lady Chichester wore a trouser suit when her husband, a navigator, Sir Francis Chichester was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II causing social watershed. In the U.S. women and girls were no longer required to wear dresses when the Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 were passed. Still, women in the U.S. had to fight for their rights to wear the same clothing as males, especially in the workplace.

Into the 1990's women were not allowed to wear pants or pant suits of any kind on the United States Senate Floor. In 1993, Senators Carol Moseley Braun and Barbara Mikulski wore pants onto the floor in defiance of this rule and were followed by female support staff. This rule was later amended to allow women to wear pants on the floor as long as they were accompanied by a jacket. Former Secretary of State and Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton is well known for wearing pant suits, having sat for her portrait as the First Lady wearing a pant suit.

Traditionally brides are seen in white bridal gowns, but this too has begun to give way to personal style and fashion trends as we see black and red bridal gowns, themed and destination weddings. Today's couple wants to give their guests an experience they will remember, immersed in the bride and groom's personal styles. It's no surprise that brides to be are turning to their favorite designers for bridal pantsuits.

From delicate bohemian bodices to flowing chiffon pant-skirts, before you pick your dream dress, you MUST pick your favorite designer's pantsuit and give this delectable, glove fitting, silhouette extending couture a chance to grace your body before you say "I do."

Neiman Marcus, Lord and Taylor, Bloomingdales, Saks 5th Avenue are a few of the mainstream places where you are going to find some sample bridal suits. Even David's Bridal is carrying different designers pant suit collections. The bridal pant suit is long and sleek and can be individually tailored for the most simplistic or elegant brides. Mother's of the bride and groom are also jumping on this trend as designers are now hard at work producing pant suit lines for mothers, bridesmaids and the matron of honor too!

The pant suit (two separates) has given rise to the jumpsuit, a uniform and specifically tailored suit complete from top to bottom. With this seasons trend of daringly low necklines and backless gowns, Bar Rafaeli and Temperly London are reforming tradition to give way to bridal suits, lacey rompers and jumpsuits with veils - and the trend is growing!

For the most simplistic bride, accessories complete the look by taking the style up a notch. Jewelry, hair, make-up, the fine details become so much more apparent when the start is simple. Simple and basic allows for colors, embellishments and stones, lace and bows to have a forever home. And for our turn-key brides, the embellished and beaded bodices, the straight leg or soft flowing cuts allow for the most elegant to ballgown effects one could imagine.

No matter what your wedding vision may be, remember you don't know if you like it or love it, until you have tried it. Hopefully, you get one big wonderful day that you will forever remember and treasure, so if you're still not decided and still looking, remember that wearing pants is an awesome right other women fought for so we could get out of mandated dresses. While wedding dresses are fabulous in themselves, there's a certain privilege in stepping outside the box and truly embracing your femininity and a piece of history.

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