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The Unconventional Bride

These days, photographic technology is so advanced that almost anyone can produce a decent photo by just pointing and shooting on "auto." The ability to edit those images artfully is more rare.  Julia Rabkin's work demonstrates why we are looking for the exemplary talent.
Rabkin's portfolio is varied and large, and full of images that are equal parts high fashion and high life. With clients like President Bill Clinton on her resume, Rabkin has proven her ability to take photos worthy of the best of us. She imbues her images with enough refinement for a former president, and yet she is also fiercely creative. The crazy thing about Rabkin, though, is that in spite of her impressive resume— in addition to her photography, she's also the creative director of a magazine— she's nowhere near done. She's young. She's vibrant. She's fascinating and inspiring, and she pours her soul into her work so that it makes a statement the moment you look at it. For all those reasons, we jumped at the chance to show off her latest bridal shoot, The Unconventional Bride, and remind the world that photography is so much more than an image made by a machine.Rabkin Image 14

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“The Unconventional Bride” by Julia RabkinPhotography  &

Styling: Julia Rabkin

Hair: Ronnie NoirMake up: Nicole L. Parmiter

Nails: Maryrose Costello-­‐Bentley

Assistants: Merik Goma & Caryn Barber

Models: Cody Holland, Maddie Viza, Emily Trust, Kristen Mehalek, Jennifer Moffe, Sarah Jean Hance, Pablo Drm

Hair Pieces & Bouquets: Every GirlA Goddess

Gowns:Wins Design, Scarlet Bridal, & Something Blue by Leeandi’s

Table settings & Furniture: All Seasons Rental

Dessert Table: B Sweet Designs

Floral Arrangements: Flourish

Location: La Esposita Bonita Es