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Stephane Rolland Fall Winter 2016

Haute Couture Winter 2016 Collection

My search for new lines and the coordination of abstract geometric elements led me to the painter and sculptor Pablo Palazuelo, one of the great luminaries of Spanish art in the latter half of the 20th century. It was he who gave me the keys to launch this new season and allow the work to flow. I naturally continue to produce that which defines me fully, the exploration of movement, but this time associated with more angular and cubic shapes. These very forms, true windows, unabashedly exposing the bust, leg and hip, combine with the fullness of big bubble skirts made of taffetas and duchess satin cut-outs. Variations in volume for a new infanta. My strokecontinues. The black line ripples gently and then stops. The white emerges, rebellious and undulating. I sculpt it around the body, giving it the lightness that provides a balance to the extreme and yet erotic rigor of a sheath. Fur is unique in its sensuality, which allows us at times with some unease to bypass prohibitions. And so I begin, and a new line takes shape, harmonizing surprisingly well with my dresses. Checks, labyrinths or large netting, each module is assembled by hand on a grid of leather or silk bands. This movement all comes together, and the sensuousness remains light. Coats, capes, waistcoats, skirts, hats, and scarfs in mink, fox, and sable. Quite a range for a new chapter.

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