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Galia Lahav GALA

GALA No. II is a pure-love-for-nature collection, designed for the trendy and jaunty bride, who'd go for a high-end fashion gown but keep her spontaneous-vibe going on. The collection is a combination of warm palette colors and delicate vintage lace, like the french guipure, bursts of earth-tones colors and a hint of Edwardian silhouettes.

"When you're ready for love, you let yourself fall and flourish in the light and wilderness of your emotions..."

GALA 701 Back GALA 702 GALA 705 front GALA 706 front GALA 708 back GALA 704 GALA 701 front GALA 708 front GALA 708GALA 710

GALA by Galia Lahav

Stills Photography: Yaniv Edry
Ig: @yanivedry1
Fb: Yaniv Edry

Video: Rotem Solomon
Ig: @rotemsolo
Fb: Rotem Solomon

Hair: Yaniv Zada
Ig: @yanivzada
Fb: Yaniv Zada

Makeup: Shirley Weiner
Ig: @shirleyweiner
Fb: Shirley Weiner


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