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GUO PEI at Paris Fashion Week

In 1986, Guo Pei majored from the Beijing School of Industrial Fashion Design. She then joined the team of designers of the company Tianma before directing the studio three years later and making it one of the top 10 largest Chinese brands. She won the first prize three times at the International Fashion Exhibition, and according to the Japanese magazine Asahi, she ranks among the top 5 Chinese designers. Guo Pei is one of the most influential personalities of the fashion industry in China.







Inspired by traditional Chinese embroidery, Guo Pei founded an embroidery workshop that provides training for embroiderers. Heir to an ancestral tradition of embroidery, she puts her talent to the service of innovation in the art of embroidery. She launched two years ago a cooperation program on "training in embroidery" with the Beijing Industry and Trade Technicians College: Rose Studio provides training to the teachers, but also internship and employment opportunities to students.





International Recognition

In 1997, Guo Pei created the first couture workshop in China, Beijing Rose Studio. Passionate about the concept of Haute Couture, and fascinated by the expertise and excellence of the tradition of handcraft, she implicates herself in sublimating exceptional craftsmanship in all her creations.

Guo Pei participated in the 2006 China Fashion Week and revealed a spectacular gown embroidered with gold-thread and pearls that had required 50,000 hours of work, the "Dajin". The repercussion of this event is worldwide and affirms her determination to accessing the
Haute Couture status.











Her show "Reincarnation" during the China Fashion Week in 2007 won the award for Best Dress. Ever since, each Guo Pei’s show is a sought after event, as the "Thousand and two
nights" in 2010 and "The Legend of the Dragon" in 2012 that will remain in the annals of Fashion Week in Beijing.
The economy and Chinese society have undergone profound upheavals that served to consolidate the brand in its leading market position. In nearly 20 years, Rose Studio, is still regarded today, with its top 100 artisans, 300 highly skilled small hands, as the most professional and influential couture atelier in China. The designer's hand of perfection shows today. Many celebrities chose to wear Guo Pei's creations on international stages: Zhang Zi Yi to the Grammy Awards, Fan or Li Bingbing at film festivals in Venice and Cannes and recently, Rihanna at the Met Ball.







In 2008, she created the outfits for the awards ceremonies of the Olympic Games. They became a national symbol while providing worldwide recognition.
In 2015, 3 dresses were chosen by the Metropolitan Museum in New York to be showcased in the exhibition "China: Through the Looking Glass.”






The projects Guo Pei's focus aims to increase her influence internationally. In July, she is presenting in Paris for the first time. She is also opening her first offices and workshops outside of China in the capital of Haute Couture.

See Guo Pei's website and collections here.


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