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Novelty Luxe Magazine > Blog  > Lifestyle  > Tony Ward COUTURE SPRING SUMMER 2016


For his Spring Summer 2016 Couture Collection, Tony Ward explores the movement of the air where vaporous, swirling streams of smoke are translated into delicate embroideries and an innovative mix of materials.
Organza ruffles trimmed with silk thread imitate fuming airwaves; shimmering crystals and sequins create illusion light rays. Hundreds of meters of hand crafted fabric gradate into ombré hemlines: a dreamy mist.
The Designer gives his Collection an ethereal feel inspired by sky like colors and their movement: highly crafted pastel blue, gray, green and lilac jacquards give lightness and volume to the feminine figures.
Tony Ward offers us for the summer of 2016 a moving flow of silhouettes, a fantasy dance of a turbulent whirlwind.

 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-35 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-34 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-33 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-32 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-31 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-30 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-29 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-28 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-27 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-26 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-25 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-24 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-23 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-22 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-21 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-20 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-19 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-18 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-17 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-16 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-15 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-14 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-13 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-12 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-11 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-10 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-09 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-08 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-07 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-06 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-05 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-03 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-02 Tony-Ward-Couture-SS16-PFW-01