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Lilly and Billy

2016 is here. Finding stunning couture clothing and inspiration from Lilly and Billy for your wedding events. This Beirut design house features exciting designs for the modern woman; expressing innocence embodied in strong angles.

It all started with a mutual inspiration that quickly turned into an inventive and creative symbiosis. A love story: this formula captures the essence of Lilly and Billy. Hailing from different cultures and backgrounds, Lilly and Billy experiment with their heterogeneous fusion to give shape to exclusive and innovative forms.

Born in the mesmerizing and bustling city of Cairo, Lobna Amin Barrage (Lilly) began her fashion journey in the modeling world. She quickly established herself as an international model, collaborating with leading designers worldwide. French-Lebanese designer Bilal Barrage (Billy) finds his inspiration in the surrealist movements, and gives voice to the fantastical core and the most intimate expression of the soul. Billy first started with the creation of conceptual clothes. He now strives to deform and stylize reality and infuse it with an expressive, symbolic and dimension. His novel insight earned him industry attention, and then he met Lilly. This is where the love story began.

Maison Lilly and Billy is a maison de couture that delivers handcrafted pieces emboldened by evocative, yet delicate cuts. With a combination of intricate embroidery, inspired by ancient Egyptian elegance, and the simple beauty of classic French femininity, work is designed for the sophisticated yet dreamy modern woman. They deliver pieces that are made-to-measure, which accentuate the most elegant features of a woman’s body, bringing attention to the soft curves of a woman’s back, the elongated beauty of her neck, and the confidence of her empowered stance.