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Charlie Brear

For 2016, Charlie Brear - the eponymous British label - presents contemporary bridal wear inspired by two pivotal fashion moments - the late 1970s and New Romanticism. With over 40 pieces in the collection, clever juxtapositions throughout balance femininity and androgyny to create an aesthetic that will appeal to the fashion conscious bride


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Charlie Brear, Founder and Designer, says; “I have always been drawn to the whimsical silhouettes of the 1970s and the glamour of the New Romantics, so wanted to reference both this season. Think Studio 54 meets The Blitz Club! We’ve worked with beautiful fabrics including soft tulles, weightless chiffons, luxe satins, sandwashed silks and lace, and, as usual, everything is made in the UK.”

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Key styles for 2016 include the minimalist ankle length t-shirt dress in washed satin, the bias cut deep v-neck dress with tie straps in slipper satin, the ankle length dress with pleat detail skirt and geometric lace over shimmer fabric, and the sandwashed silk bias cut dress with sheer lace back and batwing sleeves. For the bride who prefers more masculine styling, the lace jumpsuit with crepe silk lining is the perfect antidote.


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Charlie Brear continues; “Starting with a simple crepe, satin or chiffon dress and layering everything from sequinned overdresses and tiered skirts, allows brides to build and customize a bespoke look that’s in keeping with their personal style.”


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