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BERTA Bridal

Why is it that we find wedding dresses so enchanting? When I was two, my mother let me pick my own Halloween costume for the first time, and I immediately asked to dress up as a bride. I recycled the costume at three, and then again and again on dress-up play-dates. At four, my mother begged me to try out a different costume. I was traumatized enough by the suggestion that I still remember that conversation to this day.

Whatever it is about wedding dresses that makes them so irresistible, Israeli designer Berta gets it. Most of her designs are a departure from the iconic ball gowns that have graced the royal figures of princesses past. Instead, her 2015 collection favors a forward-thinking, body conscious aesthetic with a nod to avant garde trends brought to the forefront by the first ladies of pop culture. Berta's designs are everything we love about wedding gowns, from fanciful floral appliques on cap-sleeved sheathes to sexy, plunging v-necked gowns to geometric beading and pointy, padded shoulders that even the Queens of Pop would go gaga for.

Berta's signature flair is as much a product of hard work as it is expertise. On our visit to New York, we learned that each dress takes five months to create. All that work would be for naught, however, if not for Berta's incredible gown construction. Dress after dress, her new collection wowed us with the way it complimented the women's bodies. The pieces are impeccably tailored of course, but Berta takes them to the next level by embellishing all her gowns in a tastefully sexy way. Every detail of her gowns guides the eye, from the placement of each applique to the direction in which the beads are sewn. The overall effect is dazzling-- and flattering. In short, Berta's wedding collection is everything little girl wants, and everything a woman needs.

By Teal Young

BERTA Bridal’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection features sleek cuts, unique textures and stunning silhouettes, combining innovation and classic beauty for the modern bride. For over 17 years, Berta has been a powerhouse in international bridal couture, seeking out the finest fabrics from around the world, which are then hand-processed in the studio to create high-end, one-of-a-kind bridal designs.

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